Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Now on the hivemind-wiki: Hivemind support for Hibernate Long-Session-Pattern

Handling Hibernate-Sessions is a recurrent topic on the Tapestry users mailing list. Still, long sessions seem to be surprisingly unknown, once one considers the fact that Gavin King advocates its use in "Hibernate in Action".
So, I've posted some code implementing the Long-Session-Pattern in Hivemind on the Hivemind-Wiki.
I'd be curious to hear whether it worked for anyone (or why it didn't) ...

Friday, September 09, 2005

Bye, bye BEA: From Weblogic/EJB/CMP to Tomcat/Hivemind/Hibernate

... and loosing some 1700 loc on the way (counting only Java, disregarding evil xml-deployment-descriptors). Our first non-trivial App on Hivemind/Hibernate is now productive for 5 weeks. No technical problems so far, just the usual buggies associated with cleaning up only part of a design-mess. The whole thing was never really performance-critical (only some 2000 transactions per workday), but only reducing db-hits dramatically using hibernates 2nd level cache made it at all possible to move the app some 400 km away from its underlying database.