Friday, September 15, 2006

Honeycomb now comes with a Maven2 archetype for Tapestry/Hibernate based web-apps.

Version 0.3.3 of Honeycomb is released.
Honeycomb provides an easy integration for Tapestry and Hibernate. Its distinguishing key feature is session-per-conversation support.
The main changes in this release are:

  • re-structuring into 4 libraries replaced the templates for the Core/Webapp projects with maven archetypes. Maven users get started without manual downloads.
  • Fixed rollback on RedirectException.
  • Fixed possible concurrency issue in cross-request service-model
  • Fixed: Removed dangerous loophole allowing a conversation to survive a rollback triggered by an exception.
  • Cleaned up HiveMind descriptors and moved them into the lib-modules.
  • added a Watch component to the tap-lib (calls a listener when a property has changed in a submit)