Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Intercepting Exceptions in Tapestry Listeners

While I'm growing increasingly fond of Tapestry, there's one tiny advantage to Struts-like Action-classes over listener-methods. Namely, taking care of (non-technical) user exceptions by converting them to friendly messages. A common base-class for all pages overriding AbstractComponent's getListeners() method does the trick. I made it return a sub-class of the standard ListenerMap, which, in turn wraps each of the standard IActionListeners it returns into some custom IActionListener taking care of the standard user exceptions like "ObjectNotFound", "NoPermission", "OptimisticLockBroken" and the like by providing a nice message to a page property (or a delegate-bean).
Still, the way you have to unwrap your exception from the ApplicationRuntimeException is somewhat unsatisfactory. It's just too tight coupling to framework-internals. Maybe, there should be some hook in the framework to plug-in custom exception interceptors into listeners.
A nice way would be this: If the page implements an interface IListenerExceptionListener it would be called whenever a listener throws a suitable exception. Now, suitable could mean:
  • Any checked Exception (declared by the listener method)
  • contained in a list of classes (provided via the listener interface or some other means - could use a class to Listener Map instead, to avoid duplicate switching)
  • Any exception at all.

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