Sunday, October 23, 2005

Finally no more clob-clipping: Oracle 10g supports standard JDBC CLOB-handling

The new enhancements in Oracle JDBC 10g promises to simplify the insertion and retrieval techniques for the CLOBs using the standard APIs.

Handling Clobs in Oracle 10g

Just discovered the above link after trying to use Oracle's thin JDBC-Driver with Hibernate to save CLOB-data ... This automatically and silently nullifies the CLOB-field when you try to save more then 4k to it which you are likely to do -- after all it's called a cLob.

Now, finally this seems to be fixed in the 10g-JDBC driver. Up to now, it seems to work fine with our somewhat dated 8i installation. Keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way. I'd hate having to resort to the fat oci-driver ...

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Anonymous said...

i am using hibernate can u tell me how can i set up this property of connection