Thursday, July 28, 2005

nifty toy = Tomcat + MX4J + + mc4j

Just brought up a managed version of Tomcat 5.5 on j2se 1.4 using mx4j and the module . There are just a few gotchas
  • put mx4j.jar and mx4j-remote.jar on tomcat's system classpath, along with bootstrap.jar
  • don't contribute services with performance interceptor to
Everything else works cleanly out of the box. It's fun to watch your services drawing nice performance-graphs - just too cool.

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RVTZazimuts said...

I try to activate JMX on Tomcat 5.5 with jdk1.4 to monitor it remotely. Your blog give me a start point but I don't use hivemind - I try to use jManage.
Do you knows how hivemind calls JMX remotely, with which url, which protocol ?
I show on my tomcat install that an MBeanServer is created but I don't understand how I can call it.
Thanks for your help.