Thursday, July 28, 2005

Unified service lifecyle-interface for different service-models

Hivemind sports a bunch of service-models (singleton, pooled, threaded). After adding "client-session" for my request-spanning, hibernate-sessions, I realised that it's rather unfortunate that each of the service models comes with its own lifecycle-interface (Discardable, PoolManageable,...). So if you want to be able to switch service-models via configuration in one place, your service has to implement all of these interfaces - and you might not be sure what "all" is, thanks to hivemind's ease of extensibility.
How about a unified lifecycle-interface for all service models? It should reflect the structure of possible client-service-interactions rather than the implementation of a service-model. I would call it, maybe, "Conversation" with the following methods:
  • begin() (a new client starts to talk to the service)
  • end() (current client is finished talking to the service, throw away client state)
  • pause() (client stop's talking to the service for now, but will resume later, so don't throw away client state, but free resources like db-connections.
  • resume() (previous client continues to talk to the service)
So when configured as a "pooled" service, just begin() and end() would be called, "threaded" would probably just use end(), "client-session" would employ all of them.

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